January 2023 Market Report for Nottingham

It is only a few weeks until the daffodils will start appearing and the spring rush will begin. In the meantime the post new year rush is firmly underway with many people actioning their new year’s resolutions to move. Let’s take a look at what’s been happening in the property market in Nottingham during January 2023.

By regularly examining the facts and data, we provide valuable insights to property sellers and buyers, helping you make informed decisions in the ever-changing Nottingham property market. 


There are currently 3,352 properties available for sale in Nottingham, which is an increase from 3,315 last month. In the last two weeks, 436 properties have come onto the market. This is a notable increase from the 263 that were put on the market in the last two weeks of December. This is normal as new year’s resolutions concerning moving always reinvigorate the property market in January whilst seasonal festivities distract both buyers and sellers in December. 


The current average asking price in Nottingham is £307,298 which is a slight decrease from £309,488 last month. The median* asking price has remained steady at £260,000. 


Properties in Nottingham had an overall average price of £251,851 over the last year.

The majority of sales in Nottingham during the last year were semi-detached properties, selling for an average price of £234,657. Detached properties sold for an average of £376,540, with terraced properties fetching £181,856.

Overall, sold prices in Nottingham over the last year were similar to the previous year and 3% up on the 2021 peak of £245,281.

Let’s take a brief look at what’s been happening over the last month with the property market in the NG8 postcode area.

The NG8 postcode covers Wollaton, Bilborough, Aspley, Cinderhill, and Beechdale. In that area, there are currently 275 properties available for sale, with 34 of those new to the market in the last two weeks

The average price of properties in the NG8 area is £330,067. This is a 23.8% increase since September when the average price of properties in NG7 was £266,702. The median price is £290,000.   

Most of the properties available are in the £200,000 to £300,000 bracket, with 31 currently on the market. There are 14 properties on the market in the £500,000 to £1,000,000 bracket. 


Properties in the £200,000 to £300,000 bracket sell the fastest, only staying on the market for 109 days on average. Properties under £100,000 are taking the longest to sell, with an average time on the market of 709 days. It is important to be aware of how much time properties tend to spend on the market if you are thinking of selling your property. Many people underestimate just how long the process takes when selling a property in the UK.


Here’s a breakdown of prices and the time spent on the market by number of bedrooms per property.


 No. of propertiesAverage priceMedian priceAverage Time on Market
One bedroom 1 £265,000 £265,000 262 days
Two bedrooms58£221,610£220,000149 days
Three bedrooms139£276,584£260,000118 days
Four bedrooms46£449,452£440,000160 days
Five bedrooms22£526,134£500,000299 days


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*The Median Time on Market is the number for which half of the values in the sample are higher than it, and half are lower. The median of a list of numbers can be found by arranging all the observations from lowest value to highest value and picking the middle one. If there are an even number of observations, the mean of the two middle values is often used.